If your copy’s not bringing in leads 24/7, let’s fix it.


Your copy should working seriously hard for you. Attracting perfect-fit leads.

Showing them what you’re about, and why they should care.

Giving them reasons to buy from you. Not just once, but over and again. 

Maybe you’re somewhere around here…

  • Websites and landing pages that don’t reflect your awesomeness. So that people drift away, despite all the hard work you do on socials, outreach and in sales calls.

  • Email marketing that you’re doing because you feel like you should, not because you really believe in it. 

  • Messaging that flips and switches, without the sparkyness and consistency that creates connections. And leads to conversions.

But you know you should be over here…

  • Copy that starts with voice-of-customer research, so that it matches your prospects own words and desires. And gives them that ‘oooh!!’ feeling, as soon as they land on your page.

  • Strategic, well-planned funnels that swirl people into your world, nurture them and look after them. So your brand reputation grows with your revenue.

  • A stand-out voice that is exclusively, defiantly, perfectly YOURS. And which your prospects can’t ignore.

“An absolute delight”

Working with Alice is an absolute delight. We launched our brand refresh earlier this year and she has been a fantastic support. Alice has helped us to execute our brand personality and tone, and communicate our key messages in a clear and engaging way across multiple audiences and platforms.

She has been particularly helpful in writing client-facing, optimised copy for our new website, and fine-tuning our key launch collateral.

Alice is quick to respond, always delivers on brief, and often to challenging deadlines. We couldn’t recommend Alice enough, and we look forward to working with her as we continue to grow and develop our brand.

Alex Meighan

Head of Marketing, Bodsyset

“100% recommend”

Alice is a great professional and I 100% recommend her services.

From the first contact until the end, she was extremely professional and quick to answer any questions or comments I had.

She very quickly understood what I was looking for in terms of copywriting and was able to provide great copy rom the first batch of work.

I very highly recommend her services and I will surely get back to her if my clients need copywriting.

Samuel Mignot

International Sales , Golden Link

Get support for you (and your team) to write your own copy

Voxer copy coaching


£197 for 2 hours

  • Get live, on-tap copywriting support while you plan, strategise and write your own copy. 
  • Provided via Voxer, the live walkie talkie app. So you get real-time feedback as you work, without the distractions of a video call, or the hassle of arranging a face-to-face consultation.

  • You’ll have me (and my strategic, copywriter brain) right by your side as you work. Ask questions as they come up, and get immediate feedback and edits. 

  • Turn out better copy, faster. Without hiring a copywriter. And sharpen your own skills in the process. 
  • A customised alternative to expensive, one-size-fits all workshops.

  • Ideal if you need support to develop your messaging or brand voice.
  • Or if you need guidance as you work on a complex project, like a new website or email strategy. 
  • Invite team members to join the session: there’s no limit on numbers

  • Available in 2+ hour blocks. Book as many as you need, either together, or on different days. 

Sounds great! Can we talk?

Quick Fix Website Audit


  • A fast but detailed high-level audit of your website homepage. Plus a holistic review of your whole site.

  • Get line-by-line suggestions for copy and messaging changes, and  developing your website customer journey.
  • Discover the opportunities you’re missing, and plug up the gaps that currently have you leaking leads and sales.

  • Perfect if you prefer to write your own copy, but want a clear structure to follow.
  • Or a quick way to test me out before committing to a full project.


  • Get a Loom video that walks you through an analysis of your website copy. Showing you, step-by-step, what to change to up your conversions.
  • Plus Google doc with a summarised analysis and a tick list of recommendations
  • Zero marketing speak, waffle or vagueness. This is about getting your copy to mean something to your prospects, and to get them to take action. 

  • Add on a Voxer copy coaching session if you want  support to implement.

I need this! 

VIP Copy Sprints. Get your essential copy done-and-dusted in days.

Simple Cold Emails

£397 for a set of 3-5 outreach emails

  • Get a killer cold email that turns on, rather than turning off, your dream prospects.
  • Plus up to 4 strategic follow-up emails. To maximise your chances of getting a yes.
  • Thoughtful, targeted, data-driven copy. Not generic sameness destined for the spam folder.
  • Clever writing techniques to up your deliverability and open rates.

  • A choice of subject lines with every email. So you can A/B test easily, and improve your results.
  • Voice-of-customer research to pinpoint the ideal approach for your audience.
  • Delivered with a Loom video to talk you through the copy, so you understand the strategy, as well as the words.

Sounds great! Can you tell me more?

Funnel in a Week

£1200 for a complete lead gen funnel

  • Copy for your entire lead gen funnel written over one Monday to Friday week.
  • Including your landing page, thank you page and up to 5 nurture emails.
  • Get landing page copy that your prospects instantly connect with. So they can’t wait to sign up for your list.
  • Follow up with a thank you page that sells your tripwire offer for instant revenue. Or engages prospects so they can’t wait for your first email. 
  • And an email nurture sequence that shows people exactly why you’re right for them. And turns them into buyers. 

    •  We’ll start with a kick off call on Monday. Copy delivered with an explanatory Loom video on Friday. No back-and-forth or endless meetings. 

    • Perfect if you have a lead gen funnel, but it’s not quite working for you. And you know you could get more conversions.
    • Or perhaps you have a new lead magnet or idea that you want to get out into the world and bringing in leads. Preferably yesterday.
    • No lead magnet yet? Add one on. I’ll help you sort through your ideas and pick the best guide, ebook, webinar or quiz for your biz.
    • Need traffic? Add on attraction magnets. Including ads, blogs or social posts.


    Yes! Please write my funnel for me


    Website in a week

    £1400 for 4 core pages

    • Copy for your website written over one Monday to Friday week.
    • Includes your 4 core pages: home, about, services/products and contact.
    • Get strategic copy designed to attract and convert more leads.
    • Every page researched, planned and written to match your prospects’ state of mind and dream outcome. 
    •  We’ll start with a kick off call on Monday. Copy delivered with an explanatory Loom video on Friday. No back-and-forth or endless meetings. 

    • Ideal if you already have a website, but just aren’t getting the leads you know you should. 
    • Or start from scratch. With a brand new site that becomes the hub of your marketing. 

    I want a website in a week!

    Flexible copywriting and strategy

    VIP Weeks

    £2000 for a whole week of copywriting + strategy


    • An entire week of copywriting and marketing support.
    • Get a big project ticked off fast. Like a bigger website, new email strategy or sales funnel. 
    • Or finally wrap up all those little jobs you’ve never quite got around to.
    • Before your VIP week, I’ll spend some time diving into the details of your business, competitors and customers. So I can ask any questions I need, and am fully prepped and ready to GO on Monday morning.
    • Book 2 or more weeks for bigger or more complex projects. 
    • We’ll start with a quick kick off call on Monday to make sure everything’s set for a productive week.
    • You’ll have unlimited Voxer access (or Slack, or whatever your preferred system is) through the week. So you’ll never feel like you don’t know what’s going on, or have to wait for an email update.
    • You’ll get your project delivered the following Monday. With an explanatory Loom video. Plus an optional debrief call.
    • One round of revisions is included (but the prep work we’ll do means you might not need these).

    Ooh…this sounds ideal. I’d like to know more.

    Custom Copy Projects

    • A complete copy project. Tailored to you.
    • Perfect if you have specific copy needs that don’t fit into one of my packaged services.
    • Can include strategy work, voice-of-customer interviews and surveys, and brand voice development
    • Total flexibility to get the copy project that works for you..
    • Regular communication via Slack or email (or your preferred system), so you’re never left wondering what’s going on. 

    • Plus update calls or Voxer Q&A sessions. Where you get your questions answered without endless back-and-forth.

    • Retainer option if you need long-term support.

    • A copywriter on your team for as long as you need me.

    I’m interested. Can we talk?

    Not sure what’s right for you?

    Or need to ask a question?


    I’d love to help.

    Get in touch and we’ll talk through your options and goals.

    And work out how to get you the best ROI for your copy budget.



    “Alice knows her stuff”

    Alice helped me review the copy and feel of my website. She gave really clear and awesome advice so my website would be attracting new dreamy client enquiries. I have revamped my website homepage using her advice and am thrilled with the outcome! Alice knows her stuff and definitely recommend her services

    Kerri L Watt

    PR Consultant

    “Brilliant to work with”

    Alice is a brilliant copywriter – she wrote a lot of event copy for the events I organised at Brighton Chamber and she hit the nail on the head every time! We built a really great working relationship and Alice was always brilliant to work with, can’t recommend her enough.

    Carrie Smith

    Communications Manager

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