Your high-converting emails:

Researched, strategised

and written 


You’re doing OK with email right now. But you know you could be doing so much better. 

But it’s hard to figure out how. You’ve tried fancy, all-singing, all-dancing beautifully designed emails…and no-one bought.

You send out a monthly roundup newsletter, telling people all about the exciting stuff you’re doing…and no-one even opens it, let alone replies.

And all the while, the money you could be making from your list is going straight into someone else’s bank account. 

You don’t have time to write your own emails, and you don’t have time to waste on a freelancer who needs spoonfeeding every last bite (and then still doesn’t deliver the revenue you need).

Ready to get high-converting email copy, delivered when and how you need it?

Hire me as your email partner, or buy-my-day for fast, no-faff results


Hire me as your email partner

Hand over your project to me so you can tick ‘email’ off your to-do list while your open rates, clicks and conversions climb.

  • Hire me for a single project, like a launch or autoresponder sequence, or have me join your team as a long-term strategic partner.
  • Audience research, planning, strategy and copy included in every project.
  • A kick-off call, regular updates and your copy delivered on time, every time.
  • 2x revisions included plus post-project support while you send and test your emails.
  • My email guarantee: if it’s not working, I’ll help you figure out why.


Get my undivided focus for a whole day and your email copy written fast, so you can hit your deadline without having to wait for a slot in my diary.

  • A 1-hour briefing call plus 8 hours of my time to research and write.
  • Get a full email sequence for your next launch, a new onboarding sequence, or a batch of broadcast emails.
  • A Loom video to talk you through your copy and how to implement it. 
  • No need to be available on the day: I’ll work on your emails while you focus on your business.
  • Revisions not included.
  • £600

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