Get expert help to

write emails that convert

You know your emails aren’t performing as well as they could, but for the life of you, you just can’t figure out where you’re going wrong…

What if you had someone you could call on to guide you through the email conversion process, help you develop your strategy and teach you how to write connection-creating, revenue-boosting emails in record time?

You don’t need someone to write them for you…you actually quite like writing. It’s the other stuff you can’t get your head round.

Get your copy and sequences reviewed in detail with an email audit, or book a strategy call for an hour of 1:1 focussed support.


Book an email audit

Have me review all your email copy and sequences, so you can see exactly where you’re wasting time and losing revenue.

  • Get a thorough review of your current email copy and strategy.
  • Actionable recommendations for you to implement, fluff and jargon-free.
  • A written report + a Loom video to help you make increasing email revenue pain-free.
  • From £297 (I’ll provide a personalised quote).

Book an email strategy call

1 hour on Zoom, 1:1, to  create your email strategy and give you tailored advice on what to write, how and when.

  • A focussed, 1 hour Zoom call to solve your email problems or get you started with email.
  • Detailed recommendations for you to implement.
  • A recording of the call and a written summary: no need to take notes.
  • £97.

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