The Web Copy Rehab Power Hour


Not getting clients via your website?

Feel a bit ashamed every time someone asks to see your site?

Or still struggling to write your first website, and lost in a maze of unfinished Google docs?

Book your Web Copy Rehab Power Hour and I will:

  • Show you the exact process I use to uncover your customers’ pain points, desires and voice, so you don’t have to guess what to write.

  • Help you clarify your message and offer so it resonates deeply with your audience.

  • Walk through the copy you have, showing you exactly where you’re losing opportunities to make a sale.

You’ll get a recording and written summary of the call within 48 hours, so you have a map to refer to when you rewrite your copy.


I found my session with Alice incredibly productive, her expertise and knowledge provided real clarity for me because I am a total novice to writing web content. I felt much more confident and focused after our session. Thanks Alice!

Fiona Kidney

Infant Sleep Coach

What a fabulous Power Hour with Alice she was so detailed and addressed great points for web copy. I highly recommend her thanks again.

Melissa Alves

Confidence Coach

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