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To actually make things happen for your business

If you’re tired of marketing that feels like nothing more than a ton of hopeful guesses. Which you spend waaay too much time thinking about..

If you’d love to grow your lead flow and revenue, without having your nose in your laptop 14 hours a day.

If you want copy that’s sparky, stand-out and totally YOU.

Then I’m so glad you’re here.

Check out how you could finally get the strategic, storytelling, conversion-focused copy your awesomness deserves…

Alice Cuninghame, The Copy Boost, conversion copywriter and lead gen strategist

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Welcome! I’m Alice Cuninghame. I’m a conversion copywriter & lead gen strategist

Alice Cuninghame, The Copy Boost, Conversion Copywriter in the UK

I work with founders and marketers who want to grow their leads and revenue. Without sleaze, hype or endless low-profit grind.

You’re probably here because you know your business is good enough to grow. Naturally, you want to earn more money.

But the marketing that’s got you this far, isn’t working to get you to the next stage.

Let’s take a big step back. Breathe. Talk to your customers. Dive into the data. And create copy that’s not about sounding nice or looking impressive. 

Instead, copy designed specifically, strategically, to get the people who need you, to buy from you.

Some helpful(ish) things you should know:

  • My clients come from all over the world, but I’m based in Brighton, in the UK. I’m a master at switching between US and British spellings!
  • I’m a trained conversion copywriter, who started out writing copy waaay back in 2009.
  • My favourite clients tend to be ambitious, founder-led businesses (including service providers, SaaS and ecommerce).
  • I love black and white cats, coffee machines and beaches. Not necessarily in that order.

“Behind our most exceptional

campaign performances”


Alice regularly produces the templates behind our most exceptional campaign performances.

She quickly understands our exact and unique client scenarios and finds the language to drive great response rates, every time. Highly recommended!

Ryan Welmans

CEO, SoPro

“A really good copywriter”


Alice is a really good copywriter…skilful and very easy to work with.

Her copy works, and our workshops are always quickly booked.

I’ve recommended her to a number of colleagues..and will continue to do so.

Sarah Springford

CEO, Brighton Chamber of Commerce

Your copy should be your  hardworking, 24/7 salesperson.

Think it’s slacking off?

Here are 3 ways we could get it to do its job. In as little as 48 hours.

1:1 support to write your own copy

Including Voxer Copy Coaching, where you get me on tap to support you & your team.

And Quick Boost Loom audits, with clear, easy-to-follow recommendations.

Boxed-up done-for-you copy

Skip the waiting times. Browse my diary, book a project, and get copy done fast.

Including Funnel in a Week, Website in a Week, and Simple Cold Emails.

A custom project

For you to make your own. Perfect for bigger projects and retainers.

You’ll get me on your marketing team, for whatever you need, for as long as you need.

“An expert in her field”

Alice is exceptionally talented and an expert in her field

Intuitive, genuinely passionate about getting the best results for her clients and is very generous with her time.

Her expertise is to be commended and I cannot recommend her work and her integrity highly enough.

Jo Child

Founder, Co-women

“An excellent copywriter”

I have really enjoyed collaborating with Alice on various website projects. She is an excellent copywriter and a lovely person!

Her approach is all about the end-user/customer and balancing that with client needs and wants

Meghan Fenn

Brand Designer, Bird and Blend

You don’t just want words. You want the words.

Specific, strategic, targeted words. ‘Hell YES’ words.


So you can get results like a 50% increase in lead gen funnel. conversions.

Or a 32% cold email conversion rate.



 Which all means more of all this…

  • Copy that not only feels just right to you. It gets results too. 

  • Human, trust-based copy. AI might strengthen and speed up the research process, but it’ll be written to connect. 

  • A website, funnel or email sequence that brings people to you, earns their trust and turns them into true fans. 

  • A strategic partner who’ll research, test and optimise.

  • More calls booked. More Stripe notifications. More revenue goals hit. And the stability and freedom that comes with that.

Without any of this…

  • Bland, so-so copy that doesn’t reflect your brand.

  • Wasted hours trying to polish unedited AI or Fiverr ‘copy’

  • Leads, and money, leaking out of your business (before you even know it’s happening)

  • Using up your own valuable time writing copy you’re not happy with, when you could be running your business.

  • Skipping between marketing tactics and lead gen strategies, never knowing what will work and what will flop
Alice Cuninghame. Conversion Copywriter. AI Copy.
Alice Cuninghame. Conversion Copywriter. LinkedIn Outreach.
Alice Cuninghame. Conversion Copywriter. Brand Voice.
Alice Cuninghame. Conversion Copywriter. About Pages
Alice Cuninghame. Conversion Copywriter. Cold Emails.
Alice Cuninghame. Conversion copywriter. Web copy.
Alice Cuninghame. Conversion Copywriter. Pricing Pages.

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