Hey, I’m Alice, and I’m an email copywriter

That means I write strategic, storytelling emails that take people from ‘who is this?’ to ‘I need this!’.

I say ‘write’…but there’s a bit more to it than that (if you ever meet a copywriter who says they ‘just write’, don’t hire them).

Because to create emails that really work…emails that grow audiences, businesses and bank accounts…you need to go deep. 

You need a 4-stage process of research, planning, writing, and testing. You need to understand exactly who you’re writing for, what they want and what’s standing in their way. You need to connect, 1:1, as if you’re writing to an old friend.

And that’s why I don’t write emails full of fancy design and discount codes. The emails I write are personal messages from you to your customers, designed to show them why they need you in their life…and be willing to pay you for it.

Have you fought a mammoth today?

I know. Every single marketer out there bangs on about ‘story selling’. And there’s a reason for that – stories work. Our ancestors loved to sit around the fire after a hard day’s mammoth-hunting, telling each other all about just how fierce a beast they came up against that day.

You’re probably not killing mammoths. But I bet you’re doing something just as impressive. So, rather than sending yet another discount code and hoping for the best, let’s talk about it. 

But I’ll be honest – I used to have my doubts about this stuff too. I actually spent years writing pretty much everything but email. And with every blog I wrote, every web page…I got a little bit more restless. I just wasn’t feeling the fire I wanted to…until I started reading about the success people were having with story-based email. 

From candlelit pub basements…to your customers’ inboxes

I was hooked…and I knew this was the place I needed to be…the place I could make a real difference. Because (ahem, embarrassed throat clear) I’m a natural storyteller. I can’t remember a time I didn’t read, write and think stories. I even used to co-run my own performance storytelling collective, telling stories in candlelit pub basements and sunny arts festivals. 

And that’s why I’m here. Because storytelling chops + conversion copy expertise + your awesome offers = emails that move hands to credit cards. 

Sounds good to you?

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